Director's Seminar

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Tuesday September 24

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4:00 PM  –  6:00 PM

Energy: Where Art Meets Science

A three-part seminar exploring the historic dialogue between artists and scientists, beginning with Leonardo and Galileo and ending with Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and the hottest artists of our time.

Session I: Leonardo da Vinci, Scientist

We begin with the amazingly prophetic scientific writings of Leonardo together with his uncanny drawings and paintings of waves, clouds, storms and scientific instruments. In all of art history, no mind was more attuned to the energy of the universe.

Session II: Energy on Canvas: Van Gogh to Today

From Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the pulsing pointillism of Seurat, the “photograms” of Man Ray, the frenetic webs of Jackson Pollock (“my work is energy made visible”), the wild Einsteinian fantasies of James Rosenquist and beyond we review the great moments in art history that are fueled by a fascination with light, power, electricity and physics.

Session III: The Body Electric

Extending the scope of the discussion from art to medicine, philosophy and the history of science, we use string theory and the body’s own electric currents to consider the ways in which energy is the basis not just of art, but thought.